Tobacco Insecticide Spray Worked for Me

If I may, I would like to share a quick story with you.

I have told you about the tobacco-based insecticide spray that I have used for years to control fleas, chiggers, mosquitoes, dust mites … and so many creepy crawlers.

So here is a personal account of how many years ago it helped my dad without his ever knowing.

My father was a hard-working Kansas farmer.  For years a terrible rash plagued all across his back.   As anybody knows, people sweat when they work out in the sun … a lot.

Between the unrelenting itch and the fact that dad couldn’t reach it to scratch it, he thought he was going mad.  As you can imagine, my mother thought she was too!

All the dermatologists (yes, plural) did was prescribe one expensive cream after another with no good results.

One day when I visited, dad went out to the garden to work. I had come to take care of my mother who was ill.  While she slept, I sat, and looking around the room, I noticed his old beat-up chair.  You know the stuffed wing backed kind with orange floral upholstery. Argh!

Many an afternoon, I had seen him sink down into that chair, lay his head back and fall asleep.

To hide its ugliness (and it really was!), mom had thrown an old blanket over it; both the chair and cover were equally “farmer dirty.”

I began to wonder if it was that old chair that was the culprit, maybe over the years it had become home to millions of dust mites.

You can probably guess what I did next – knowing he wouldn’t come back inside for at least a few hours, I ripped the old blanket off & threw it into the washer with as hot a water as possible.  Then I turned my hand sprayer on the chair.

Twice I did this over the next 3 days.

The Suspense Was Killing Me

Well, dad had not brought up his itchy back for a few days, and I really wanted to know if my experiment worked.  But I still wasn’t ready to divulge what I had done.  Remember, he was a bit prideful, so caution had to be exercised.

Casually I brought up the terrible itch on his back.  “So dad, how is your back?  Any better?”

It was such a delight to see a curious expression cross his face.  He scratched his whiskered chin and said,  “I do believe it has cleared up.  I wonder what I did?”


That took care of the dust mites.  I never did tell him. I let him take the credit.

Now for their fleas – their beagle Betsy, had a stuffed chair all her own, which I several times sprayed down with tobacco spray.  I have never ever had the homemade concoction stain carpet, furniture, flooring, or anything, so I did that once a week throughout the summer.  The dog was happier, and so were we!

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