The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Do You Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit? Then Start A Rural Business

Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Then go for it! Give in to your passion.

But - you say - "I live 20 miles from the nearest town! I can't even call for pizza delivery."

No worries. Because distance doesn't matter anymore. The 'rural-preneur' can come from anywhere, live anywhere in the world - in a high-rise apartment in the middle of a metropolis or on top of a mountain.

It's your attitude toward adaptation that counts. Everyone & every business is inhibited in some way. But the principles of running a successful business are the same, no matter if you live an hour away from your suppliers or three blocks.

Why? It used to be said that 'location, location, location' was paramount to success. And that is still very true if you are a brick and mortar business, which depends mostly upon the local folk.

Because every option, every resource, every business aid available to them is also is at your disposal - through the internet. Your business will succeed because of your passion, determination and the skills you possess.

But don't count out your local community

Maybe you already have a business started, and it's running 'ok', but you'd like to step it up a bit. Or you are contemplating some new endeavor, but you're not sure how to start.

Well, since this is called 'Rural Woman', I'm going to address mainly those who live and operate their business from their own wide open spaces. But remember, the principles of business are the same for everyone.

Be Smart & Start your Business Right. DO NOT give in to the temptation (as I did for too long) of jumping in feet first without considering the potential dangers of starting a business, the quicksand or undercurrent that can sap your resources & ruin you in just the first few months. Ask yourself ...

  • Do I have the right temperament and personality for self-employment?
  • Do I know for certain there is potential in my area for my product or service?
  • Once off and running, am I willing to learn how to sell, advertise and market?
  • Am I passionate enough about this to work hard, put in lots and lots of hours, and make sacrifice?

My mama used to say, "Step on the first rung of the ladder before you go to the second." How right she was. Calculate each before proceeding to the next, and your footing will be steady and secure. Start with rung 3, and you and your ladder could very well topple.

Yes, for sure, country living provides many benefits. And the possibilities for a successful country business are endless.

The fact is, in recent years many rural women have taken advantage of their acreage, barns, and country setting to setup and run a thriving business. They just set their brains to GO, and they figured it out. Adaptation is the key to success, as some philosopher once said.

You can do it too - no matter where you live!

Saving America's Mustangs

Oh yes, and as you surf this site, you will find references to a cause near and dear to this rural woman's heart ... the saving of one of our national heritages, descendants of some pioneers instrumental in settling this land -- America's wild mustangs.

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