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As anyone who has done it knows, living in a rural area can be both rewarding and challenging.  Each new day may present new hurdles. Unexpected hardships.  Unfamiliar horizons to explore.

But living in the country also provides opportunities that some living in more confined areas may not have.  In fact in recent years, many rural women have taken advantage of their land and circumstances to setup and run a business of their own ... as rural-preneurs.

Everyone Loves Fresh Cut Flowers. If You Have 'Em, You Can Sell 'Em

Think and consider what you are good at, take the plunge and become a rural-preneur.

What Is Your Forte?

Do People Brag About Your Pastries? That's a Business!

In determining which direction to venture, first consider what you really excel at.  Think, what are your interests, your hobbies?

  • Have you always had a green thumb, so that your gardens and yard art make you the talk of the town? 
  • Have friends and family always raved about your specialty desserts?  What about that special knack you have with animals?  They love you, they trust you, they allow you into their world, and that becomes a talent others will flock to.
  • Do you have a knack for crafting beautiful pieces?  Golly, there's a business!
  • Have you always been adept with horses and maybe worked with some who were troubled or undertrained?
  • What about teaching beginners how to ride horseback.

Whatever your individual talent, consider exploiting that and becoming a rural-reneur.

Planning For Business Success

However, especially with today's economy, success is neither fast or easy.  Rather, it comes to those who carefully plan and implement good business practices from the get-go.

You have to consider such things as finding start-up money, planning for success by writing up a good business plan, scheduling your work around family and other responsibilities.  Of course, we mustn't neglect to take care of ourselves.  The business idea itself is only the beginning.

How did you decide what business to start at your country home?  What prompted you to take plunge?  Share your experiences with us.

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