Country Girls | It’s A State of Mind

red barn, silo, country, farmA red barn … a long, winding driveway … a pasture corraling 2 or 3 horses their noses buried deep in tall grass … rusted silos … two-story, vine-covered farm houses with ample porches … flower gardens abloom with perennials handed down from generation to generation – this is what I picture in my mind when I think of the home of any country girl.

The world often has its own idea of makes a country girl.

The truth is, it’s not about pickups or horses or acres and acres of land.  Not about short cut-off jeans with cowgirl boots or rodeos or 4H competitions.  True, it may include all those things.

But being a Country girl at heart is a state of mind – a yearning for all that the wide-open spaces is able to provide us and our families.

It has less to do with location than satisfying the desires of our heart.  And it is about hard work.

It is about our pets and animals, a place for the kids to run and play and explore, landscapes not littered with tall buildings, bbq’s in the back yard with family and good friends, watching lightning bugs on a warm June night.

Starting A New Country Business

It can also mean taking advantage of your extra space to conduct a successful rural business.

So many possibilities … so little time!

And if you are ready to start your new rural business, this website will help provide a few ideas like:

  1. Deciding which business best suits you
  2. Thinking through the choices before making final decisions
  3. Setting up your books
  4. Advertising and marketing
  5. Finding start-up money
  6. And more. 

Me?  I’m Susie Schade-Brewer (pronounced ‘Shady’ in case you wondered).

I am a country girl, born and raised.  And even though through the years I’ve moved in and out of rural areas and small towns, my heart is and always will be loyal to the rural of life.

Susie Schade Brewer, rural woman, country girl, rural life, rural gals, rural businessI wanted to build a website for my business that I run out of my small town home.  I call my Missouri business Rural Woman Enterprises, which is comprised of many facets of work.

  1. I am a crafty person.  I design, create and sell a variety of home decor pieces, jewelry, and custom knobs.
  2. I am also a writer.  In 2009,  my  historical fiction novel entitled The Sacrifice of the Sage Hen was published.  I have also written numerous magazine articles as well as award-winning short stories.
    Writing is my first love from way back when I was just 7 years old and I dreamed of tall, dark and handsome cowboys who fell passionately in love with me, pioneers who left their homes and braved horrible, bone-crunching conditions so they could live their dreams.
  3. In the summertime, I often still work with my sister and her husband in the family-owned farm.  Dad was a Kansas farmer and a greenhouse man, and for many years they were his business partners.  Now he is gone, but they carry on.
  4.  Plus, there are other miscellaneous tasks dubbed ‘sub-contractor’ that I perform.

For my crafting business, I didn’t want to just build a commercial site where I could sell products.  Well, I wanted to do that too, but only if I could embrace what we around here say is the country way of life.

Every experience in life shapes us so that by the time we reach our later years, we are a product of what we have lived.  Our families, our environment, our philosophies.  Success comes to those who work hard,  and rural gals work as hard as anyone I know.

So … that’s how ‘Country’ has shaped my life past and present.  What about you?  Has the wide open spaces shaped you?  Share your experiences with us.