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As anyone who has done it knows, living in a rural area can be both rewarding and challenging.  Each new day may present new hurdles. Questions.Unexpected hardships. Unfamiliar horizons to explore.

But living in the country can also provide opportunities that some living in more confined areas may not have. 

In fact in recent years, many rural women have taken advantage of their land and circumstances to set-up and run a business of their own.
Here is a short list of some successful businesses you may not have considered, but that anyone could setup and successfully operate from their rural setting:

·         animal husbandry, care and training services
·         greenhousing of bedding plants, vegetables, or houseplants
·         small farming and selling your produce
·         organic gardening or green gardening
·         vendoring at farmer’s markets or other off-site establishments
·         online selling of crafts and home decor
·         web management services, consultation or business services in some field of expertise
·         community or volunteer services

Think and consider what you are good at, take the plunge and become an entrepreneur.

What is your forte?

In determining which direction to venture, first consider what you are good at.  What are your interests, your hobbies?

Are you good with animals? Are you good with your hands or possess a knack for crafting beautiful pieces?  Have you always had a green thumb, so that your gardens and yard art make you the talk of the town?

Whatever you are good at, exploit that talent by turning it into a profitable business that can earn you money and security for the future.

However, especially with today’s economy, success is not always easy or fast. Rather, it comes to those who carefully plan and implement good business practices right from the start.

You will have to consider such things as finding start-up money, forethought and planning by writing up a good business plan, scheduling your work around other family responsibilities, and making sure to also care for yourself.

Hopefully through this Rural-Woman blog, you will see something to stir and excite you. More will be added on a continuous basis.


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Could this horse benefit from a little training? Are you qualified? That’s a business!
Think and consider what you are good at, take the plunge and become an entrepreneur.

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Her passion is writing, both fiction and nonfiction. And one of her most important passions is the protection of America's wild horses who now face great threat to their safety and numbers, perhaps even extinction.