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How Does Your Online Store Stack Up?

Good visual appeal is so important in making a sale. When shopping at a department store, aren’t we first drawn to an item by its visual attractiveness?
If your interest goes any further than “Wow, that’s cute!”, our next reaction will be to touch it, to pick it up, and turn it before our eyes to see its every detail.
You know you do … so do we all. It is the natural way of the shopper.  Large department stores have spent millions of dollars learning how to cater to that human desire and to …
Every year, millions of dollars are spent in trying to understand the psychology of the buyer’s mind. What will prompt them to go from just “wishing” to actually “putting out their hard-earned money?”
Take as a for instance something that happened to me recently … when walking through Kohl’s, a friend and I were practically pulled involuntarily toward the jewelry department, as if some force had grabbed us by the eyeballs and dragged us across a bright and shining path.

Colorful, luminescent pastel lights emanated over the entire department like a halo, bejeweling even the shelving and glass cases. We were in such a trance, we felt like we had been transported to the Land of Oz and the crystal palace.

Good Visual Appeal | Our First Connection with the Buyer

But, guess what, we can’t pull that off so easily for our online stores.  So, since this is such a big deal, how can we use this phenomenon to sell more in our own virtual shops where no bright lights exist?
First of all, imagine if you were only able to read a description of an item you wanted to buy but no pictures were available. Would you hesitate to make that purchase sight unseen? Most likely there would be some hesitation.
On the other hand, what if all that was available was pictures, but no text? People buy from flea markets and thrift stores everyday without descriptive text.  What they see and study and perceive with their eyes of its condition and value convince them to purchase.  However, that is not possible online.
Of course, buyers prefer to do both, especially when shopping online.
But since the use of bright lights to magnetically pull our buyers toward our online products does not exist, owners of internet businesses know that attracting customers require a different strategy than a brick and mortar store.
How Does Your Shop Measure Up?
We must be willing to honestly look at our store as if we were the buyer.  Ask – once a visitor lands on my Home (or any other) Page, in my potential grasp as it were, how long will they be inclined to stay? 

Identifying Your Site’s Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the stats reported for a single-page session or visit. Analytics can determine how long your visitor has stayed, whether they clicked through to any secondary pages, or left after seeing only that first page.

The value of studying your bounce rate is seeing how interesting your landing pages proved to be, how effective your calls to action were.  Were your visitors enticed enough to click through and read your content or purchase your products, or did it leave them yawning and yearning to leave, unsatisfied that you did not provide what they had hoped? 

How Good Are Your Product Pictures?

What about your product pictures?  Are they focused, bright, enticing?  I have seen many online shops where the product pictures are dark with shadows, out of focus, not centered…just generally not enticing at all. “Unprofessional” is the word that unfortunately would come to the buyer’s minds. Would you be motivated to buy from such a seller?  There is much that can be done to improve your product pictures and thus the impression your site immediately conveys.

We want them to stay … we needthem to stay.  Create the right atmosphere and ultimately, they just might.                     

– What have you done to improve the visual appeal of your Etsy or other online store?

– Won’t you please share with us fellow crafters?  We learn from each other.

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