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Our Country Roots | Our Sense of Place

In the 1st century A.D., Pliney the Roman philosopher said, "Home is where the heart is."

Psychologists call our emotional attachment to the place we grew up "topophilia" or "attachment to a place."
And over time, that connection becomes ever stronger.

It creates in us a sense of meaning and organization in our lives.
Therefore, it is not surprising that our sense of place is tied to our sense of who we are.

That is why I say that being a Country Girl has nothing to do with location;
it is a state-of-mind.

And this website is dedicated to those of us who wish to make the most of our wide open spaces.

To raise our families.  To conduct a business.  To nurture our own  'country girl' selves.

Around here, we talk a lot about our Country Roots.
We say  things like, "When we were kids,..." and "Remember how mom and dad used to...",
and "We were so far out in the country, we had to ..."

Anyhow, that's what Country conjures up in my head.
I have lots of remembrances and things to share as time goes by.

How 'bout you?
Won't you share your story with us?



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